We are Undivi

Your modern day HR services partner

At Undivi, we’re convinced that people are an organization’s most valuable asset–and that when the right individuals come together, they can shape not only a company’s success, but also its culture.

We unite

We have united as individuals around our belief that we can make a positive difference through impactful HR placements. With confidence in our abilities and a strong commitment to excellence, we apply our HR expertise to help drive success for both candidates and organizations.

Embracing the future of HR

Our approach sets us apart from traditional search firms – we leverage the power of data, technology, and human expertise to successfully identify and place candidates who are the right fit for both the job and the company culture. By utilizing a combination of innovative tools and our team’s strategic thinking, we excel where legacy firms often struggle.

Our goal is to make every interaction with us as HR consultants the best it can be. We’re not interested in just one-off transactions – we want to build real relationships and exceed your expectations every time we work together.

Karim Pfeil

CEO Undivi


Looking for a challenging and rewarding career in HR? Join our team at Undivi! We offer great opportunities to help you achieve your professional goals and unleash your full potential in our fast-paced environment. Embark on a journey with us that not only enhances your skills but also allows you to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

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Meet the Founders

Dynamic team of professionals with extensive experience in recruitment, HR, business, and technology. With a passion for delivering innovative and efficient recruitment solutions, they’ve built a company that leverages the latest technologies and best practices to connect businesses with top talent.

Undivi team values

01. Digital natives

We embrace new technology and use data to make informed decisions.

02. Growth mindset

Focus on making small, incremental improvements every day to grow and develop as individuals and as a team.

03. Inspire trust

We foster a culture of honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior, both internally and with clients and candidates.

04. Result-driven

We prioritize taking action and achieving tangible outcomes, while staying flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.

05. Collaboration is key

We value teamwork and effective communication, with a focus on achieving shared goals and supporting one another.

06. Deliver excellence

Strive for excellence in everything you do, with a commitment to providing high-quality products, services, and experiences.